A British equivalent of saying “tell it to the marines” [closed]

is there a British saying similar in meaning to American “tell it to the marines”?

source- Cambridge dictionary: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/tell-that-it-to-the-marines


The British equivalent is…

Tell it to the marines. Per that article it also does play a part in American English, just not much recently.

See also Tell it to the marines at the free dictionary dot com,which gives more information about both its British and American usage.

I feel like I am doing research you are fully capable of doing. I don’t recollect the phrase, and all I did was type “tell it to the marines define” into Google. Actually I even mistyped Marines as Maines and Google still knew what I meant.

Source : Link , Question Author : dominic , Answer Author : Alan Carmack

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