“A direction I want pursue further”

From the preface of my thesis:

I am also grateful to [the institute] for allowing me to conduct my thesis there and for showing me how the latest advancements in technology can be used in humanitarian settings which is a direction I wish to pursue further.

To native speakers, does this sound ok (especially the bold part)? Originally, I wrote

“a direction I wish to pursue my further career in”

then I thought that sounds odd and I changed it to

“a direction I wish to pursue in my further career”

Now I think what is in the text is the best option. But I still have doubts because “further” can be used as a verb instead of “pursue” so I’m not sure if both should be included. And, since it is the preface, I’d like to make sure it sounds natural.


Source : Link , Question Author : Jan Pisl , Answer Author : Community

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