“A friend told me” vs “My friend told me” vs “One of my friends told me”

I want to know which of the forms mentioned below are most used in conversation.

A friend told me …

My friend told me …

One of my friends told me …

Here are what I think are the disadvantages and advantages of using each of them.

  • “A Friend told me” — In this sentence, it sounds to me the friend can be mine or the friend can be a friend of my friend. So it seems to me it does not make clear that the friend is my directly known person.

  • “My friend told me” — This seems perfectly natural to me. It clearly says that the friend is mine and that I know him very well.

  • “One of my friends told me” — This one seems too wordy to use for a normal information and that is why I think it must be less used in day-to-day life.

Are these observations of mine correct?


I think you’re largely on the right track.

However, I would assume that “A friend…” was indeed a friend of yours – not a friend of a friend. However, the use of a (instead of the more familiar and intimate my) might suggest the person is more of an acquaintance than a close friend, but that’s not necessarily a given.

I don’t think “One of my friends…” is too wordy. It might be especially useful if you remember hearing something from someone, but you can’t quite remember which friend gave you the information.

Also, instead of “told me”, I might be more inclined to simply use “said”.

Lastly, I think there’s one viable option you’ve left of your list:

A friend of mine said…

Source : Link , Question Author : Mistu4u , Answer Author : J.R.

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