“A larger” vs “larger” to describe the sample size of a study

I wrote a sentence: A study with a larger sample size is required to make more conclusive remarks.

Grammarly tells me it should be, “A study with larger sample size is required to make more conclusive remarks”.

Is this true? My sentence sounds correct to me. If yes, why?


Grammarly detects size as uncountable in your sentence, and suggests that the indefinite article is redundant with uncountable nouns.

I don’t believe that size is uncountable here: you are identifying one of a number of different sizes (just as one may have more than sort of beer, or water, or bread). In this case, I concur with you that Grammarly has made a mistake. It’s only human.

When I tried it, I said its suggestion to remove the article was wrong and flagged it as incorrect. Grammarly now flags the sentence without an article as incorrect, for me at least: “It appears that an article is missing before the word larger. Consider adding the article.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Bhavika Khare , Answer Author : Andrew Leach

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