A person who is adamant because he knows he is right, without being rude [duplicate]

At my workplace, my senior, who is senior than me by age, experience and knowledge is always right.

I want to tell (admit/appraise) him that, I do what he says and do not put my POV because at the end of conversation he will emerge as correct with all facts and examples and convince all of us in meeting.

I don’t want to use stubborn, adamant or any other rude word because he is never rude but polite.

Edit: I want to add more maybe it is more or less similar to what I wrote, still I think it would bring us more closer to that word.

  1. He doesn’t easily surrender to what anyone says in meeting and put facts across to in support of his point.
  2. Generally it becomes kind of interactive debate session and he appears to be winner in the end.


He could come up as “Sorry, what did you say” and

I go like “blah blah..”

He again, “No dear, I am not that person” another debate started.

Authoritative, Self-reliant or Self-Righteous:

He could come up as “Oh no dear, I don’t want to act as Authority, authoritative here, I am just putting facts on the table”.

I am looking for word that people would accept, without any explanation/after-thoughts.


The word authoritative has meanings which can be combined to get the sense that you are looking for.



1 Able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable

‘Clinic staff may be seen as authoritative sources of prevention

2 Commanding and self-confident; likely to be respected and obeyed:

‘his voice was calm and authoritative’

Addendum (courtesy of Joe Blow):

And the good news is,

“The authority”

is a commonplace catchphrase, often used in the US.

If you say to your boss…

Boss, you are the Authority, dude.

Your full sense is conveyed.

Examples of use … “Here comes The Authority” (as he walks in to the room) or “We need to ask The Authority – our boss” (when a problem arises).

This phrase has that exact “pumped-up / sports-crowd like” feel that US audiences look for, or indeed need. So, when you exclaim, “Boss, you are The Authority!” it could well be followed by everyone in the room fistpumping, doing the deep “yeah”, and then chanting U-S-A-U-S-A.

Note that indeed it is used in a number of marketing slogans; “XYZ Sports stores .. the Sports Authority” and so on.

Use in a marketing tagline is the ultimate proof positive (in the USA) that the phrase is absolutely – utterly – wholesome; spotlessly positive; spostlessly politically correct; and very broadly understood. So, you’re golden.

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