A Single Word for “Secretly watching your crush”

What is it called, if someone watches their crush from behind without the crush knowing?

I often watch movies in which a guy looks at a girl he likes, happily watching her for some time and pretending to be talking with his friends when the girl looks back or realizes his actions.

Is there a single word for that?

I can’t think of another word other than spying, which is just wrong, I think.

To be precise:

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I think furtive/furtively works here.

behaving in a way that shows that you want to keep something secret and do not want to be noticed

  • He looked at her furtively
  • He cast a furtive glance towards her.

It doesn’t have the negative connotations of spying or stalking.

Source : Link , Question Author : Safira , Answer Author : Tushar Raj

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