A synonym for “software version which removed a feature”

I’m looking for a synonym for software version where a usable feature was removed:

The new version is a ______, the only improvements are cosmetic, I’m staying at 2.9.

The terms that come to mind are ‘downdate’ and ‘downgrade’, but they also mean a return to previous version, regardless of the quality or feature set of current version.

I’m positive there is more specific term which I’m unable to recall.


a backward step or a step backwards

Examples in this article at https://ion.icaew.com/itcounts/b/weblog/posts/softwareupdatessometimesabackwardstep

Software updates – sometimes a backward step?
In the meantime….what “upgrades” have you had that have appeared more as a retrograde step?

Source : Link , Question Author : ordo , Answer Author : k1eran

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