A verb to connect apps with the devices they are run on [closed]

I want to say people are thinking of applications after a device is built. For example, consider a new platform, such as a smart watch. After smart watches have been developed and become mainstream, people are thinking of new applications for it. So, we might say:

Many different applications are _______ for this new device.

What is a good verb to use here?

I was thinking of “defined”, but it seems there should be a better choice. (Of course the preposition “for” can be changed according to the verb).

Anyone has any suggestions?


More context is needed. What do you want to say? I can think of several sentences. Say —

Many different applications are compatible with this new device (preposition ‘for’ changed, as you suggested).

Many different applications are meant for this new device

Many different applications are built/made for this new device

And, so on…

After OP’s edit

Well, in that case….I’d rephrase it to say that people started thinking after this device…

Many different apps have been thought of for this new device

Many different apps have been planned because of/after this new device

Or, in a professional way… I may prefer writing…

This device has opened great opportunities for different types of applications

After OP’s comment clarifying the question further (from developers’ perspective)

“The popularity and uniqueness of smartwatches have encouraged apps developers to come up with innovative applications”

Should there be further clarification, I edit this further.

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