A verb to describe specific positioning of three layers

I am describing the positioning of three layers stacked on top of each other in a scientific paper. The first and third layer made from the same material, but the layer in between (i.e. the second layer) differs from the two other.

I would to put the description in the following context.

The module consist of two layers of A that ….[a verb]…a layer of B

What verbs best suits the context here?


An appropriate word would be:

sandwich MW

transitive verb

1 : to make into or as if into a sandwich

especially : to insert or enclose between usually two things of another quality or character

As in The module consists of two layers of A that sandwich a layer of B.

However, I think a more natural phrasing uses sandwiched by:

The module consists of a layer of B sandwiched by two layers of A

The may not sound like the most scientific term, but it is frequently used in composite material papers. See this article that lists “sandwich structures” as one of its keywords. Other articles can be found by using similar search terms.

Source : Link , Question Author : mo adib , Answer Author : katatahito

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