A word that means “based on sound and not-arbitrary principles”

I am describing a new experimental method in a research paper, which has the benefit that all of the input parameters are not arbitrary and are instead determined using basic principles from the available data. As in my subject heading, is there a good word for this? A sample sentence would be “We propose a new ________ method that does not suffer from the arbitrariness of parameter selection that is common in existing approaches.”


We propose a new well-founded method that does not suffer from the arbitrariness of parameter selection that is common in existing

well-founded (adj.)

Based on excellent reasoning, information, judgment, or grounds

If you say that a report, opinion, or feeling is well-founded, you
mean that it is based on facts and can therefore be justified.

Having a foundation in fact; based on good reasons, information, etc.

Ecotoxicological studies, especially those concerned with biological
monitoring and standardisation of…, are exceedingly difficult in the
absence of a uniform, well-founded experimental procedure and
quantitative treatment of the results obtained. S. A. Patin;
Pollution and the Biological Resources of the Oceans

However, to the best of our knowledge no systematic ways, i.e. based
on a well-founded methodology and guiding principles, for building
geospatial ontologies have been proposed so far. C. Claramunt et al;
GeoSpatial Semantics: 4th International Conference

And a poorly designed experiment leads to a weak scientific
result—even the most sophisticated method of analysis cannot change
that. On the other hand, a particularly well-qualified cook can still
get “that certain something” out of a good recipe and a well-founded
analytical method
can derive an even more significant scientific
insight from a well-design experiment. J. Weimann and J. Brosig-Koch;
Methods in Experimental Economics

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