A word to describe someone that provides “tough love?”

I am looking for a word that describes someone that exhibits nurturing qualities (as in wants those around him/her to improve and get better) but has high expectations for those same people. Essentially a parental figure, but in a more business-sense. My current working word is coach, but I think I could do better. Thanks for any insight.


I think you want the word ‘disciplinarian’. It sounds a bit clinical, but it effectively conveys the meaning of “willing to provide adequate corrective action without undue harshness”.

Although it comes from the world of martial arts, ‘sensei’ is also often used even in non-martial-arts contexts to mean “learned guide who is willing to take disciplinary action for the sake of his charges’ well-being”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brian Muenzenmeyer , Answer Author : bernz

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