Absent any verb, when can you use an adverb?

dualism = {mass noun}
1. The division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided

I know that definitions don’t have to be written as complete grammatical sentences,
but while reading the above definition, I noticed no verbs.

1. So what does conceptually modify? Is this use right?

2. Does this instance offer any lessons in the big picture?


  1. What does conceptually modify? …

In this case, the word conceptually modifies the word division. Rewritten another way, the phrase would read: The conceptual division of something into two opposed…

  1. … Is this use right?

This use is indeed correct grammatically (as is this sentence).

  1. Does this instance offer any lessons…?

Definitions by their very nature define what something is. This is the implied verb that you’re missing. To take your example, each definition listed for the word dualism makes the statement “Dualism is defined as…”

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