“Access to…” or “access of…”?

Translating a title of a paper from another language, I’m debating between

  • Remote Access to a Computer System
  • Remote Access of a Computer System

This is a title, so it should stand on its own, without extra context.

Which is correct? If both are valid English, what’s the difference in meaning?


  • Remote access of the tech support team to the computer system.
  • Remote access of the computer system to data files located in cloud storage.

Of decides who/what gets to access. To says what is to be accessed.

edit: if you want the act of accessing, you can use of, but that creates some ambiguities and sounds awkwardly. The act is best described without any preposition, as

Accessing the Computer System remotely is possible through VNC.

Source : Link , Question Author : hyde , Answer Author : SF.

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