Adjective for someone who disregards ideas and opinions of some people but not others?

I am struggling to find an adjective for someone who disregards the ideas and opinions of anyone that they think are not at the same level as them.

For example, a brother or husband who disregards the ideas and opinions of his sister or wife but he will listen to the ideas and opinions of a parent, friend or mentor (who may be male or female).

It is not a problem of class. It is more of a familial attitude, though it could border on patriarchial.

I have looked at the following words but they don’t seem to convey what I want to say: arrogant, superior, patronizing, condescending.

I appreciate your input.


Perhaps a more general word could be applicable.

Biased: Unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.

Example: He disregarded his wife’s argument because of his biased views he got from his father.

Source : Link , Question Author : Anna , Answer Author : Valrog

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