Adjective meaning “greater than one”

If you want to describe a number that is greater than zero, you would use positive. Is there a similar term for numbers (not necessarily integers) that are greater than one? I.e., this term would be to multiplication as positive is to addition.

For example, I have a box in a figure that says “Antecedent: Factor Greater Than One”, but that’s a bigger name than most of the antecedents (or consequents) in my figures, so I’d really like it to say something like “Antecedent: Superpositive Factor” where “Superpositive” is a word I made up right now that I hope will never have the meaning I’m attributing to it here.

Plural has been suggested, and that’s a really good answer for discrete quantities (such as the number of dogs), but in my particular case the number in question is continuous (a multiplicative factor).

Per request, here are other Antecedent/Consequent names I’ve used (after the “Antecedent:” or “Consequent:” bit): “Nonnegative Divisor”, “Acceptable Error”, “In Between Result”, “Min Less Than Max” (which is equally as wordy), and “Applies Brake When At Rest” (which is even more wordy). So far, I’ve eschewed using actual math symbols (such as “> 1”), but I don’t really have a solid reason for doing so.


Perhaps you can use “Antecedent:plural number“, although I think that it would be fine if you just write “Antecedent:Factor > 1”

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Hocking , Answer Author : SamuelVimes

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