Adjective order: Why is “big” before “beautiful”?

I was reading an English children story to my niece the other day when I came across these phrases said by three different characters:

  • I want a big, beautiful hat!
  • I want a big, exciting computer!
  • I want a big, expensive TV!

Why is the first adjective big and not the adjective expressing an evaluation or opinion? I thought adjectives expressing the speaker’s opinion came first and foremost. I am also curious about the comma separating the two adjectives, how does it affect meaning?

And finally, if I were to insert red in the first example, where would it fit best and should I keep the commas?

I want a big, beautiful red hat!
I want a beautiful, big red hat!
I want a big, red, beautiful hat!


Commas between adjectives are typically used for adjectives from the same category:

That was a very expensive, boring, useless conference. (Opinion

?That was a very expensive boring useless conference.

Adjectives from different categories are not usually separated by commas:

She’s just bought a beautiful new red car.

However, writers may separate words from different categories with commas, and reorder them, in order to give each word individually a focus that it would not have in a non-comma-separated list. This is what is happening with sentences such as:

I want a big, red, beautiful hat!

Source : Link , Question Author : Mari-Lou A , Answer Author : Shoe

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