Aerial “subway” in the US

I know highway and aerial highway, the above-surface one. However, I do not know how to say aerial “subway” in the US. Thank you very much.


Chicago has “The El” (which is an elevated train).

Seattle has “The Monorail” (which is an elevated train that rides on a single, wide, concrete rail.)

As Matthew Read points out, Vancouver, British Columbia has a “SkyTrain” system.

Many cities have elevated portions of their light rail systems. Although the underground portions are often called subways, and the ground-level portions are sometimes called streetcars or trolleys, most places do not have different names for the ground-level and elevated portions of the system. For example:

  • Seattle has “Link light rail” that has all three kinds of track.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area has “BART”, which also has all three kinds of track.

XKCD has a collection of subway maps; many of the route networks include elevated sections. Most of the “tunnels”, “ferries”, and “submarines” on the map are as fictional as teleporters and wormholes.

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