“Aeroplane” or “Airplane” – Which are people more familiar with? [closed]

I’m considering creating an application which has the word “Aeroplane” in the title. However, I have noticed in Google the following trend:

Aeroplane: 16,700,000 results

Airplane: 119,000,000 results

I’m British and would never think to use the term “Airplane”, it seems juvenile to me. However, the search results speak for themselves, so I’m wondering if this is an Americanism and if people on the other side of the Atlantic would be equally unfamiliar with the world “aeroplane”.

Natually, I want my app to be available to a global market, I also want to make sure it is easily accessibly via searches. Would it therefore be most prudent to go with “airplane” rather than “aeroplane”?


North Americans would understand the word aeroplane, but would almost certainly never use it in a Web search without a specific reason to do so. In addition, a quick and by no means scientific check suggests that Google seems less inclined to collapse airplane and aeroplane together in searches than it does with some other spelling variants (e.g., honor/honour)—i.e. a search for one variant may be unlikely to lead to the other.

If discoverability is your goal, then, I suggest going with the more common spelling: airplane.

Source : Link , Question Author : RoryHarvey , Answer Author : phenry

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