affect vs effect

I a bit confuse on these two words.
As far I know:

Affect means to influence or to produce a change in something.

Effect means the result of a change.

To make sure I understand their differences correctly, I came up with these examples:

  1. Will my app get effected if this line of code get removed?
  2. Will this changes affect my code?

Are these example correct?


No, they should be:

  1. Will my app be affected if this line of code gets removed?
  2. Will these changes affect my code?

Part of the confusion may be that effect can be used as a noun or a verb; affect can only (usually)1 be used as a verb.

  • effect as a noun – Refers to how something is changed or behaves differently as a result of an action. “All actions have an effect.”
  • effect as a verb – Means to cause something to happen. “Activists want to effect change in policy.”
  • affect (only a verb) – Means to change, alter or have an impact on something else. “Changes in policy affect all of us.”

1 “Affect” can be used as a noun, but this usage is very rare. As a learner it’s probably best not to worry about this.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Joe , Answer Author : TypeIA

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