“agenda-driven”: single-word synonyms and a good definition

I first encountered the term “agenda-driven” in description of cat breed’s temperaments. While I sense the meaning, being non-native speaker makes it hard to understand term “agenda-driven” in various contexts. I see this term used more and more often. No dictionaries are defining it. I mentioned the cat’s context only to show how widespread and strange the contexts can get with this term. I am looking for the most general definition fo course, not cat-related. Sometimes it means “following a defined schedule” and sometimes “being dense and pushing someones agenda” etc.

Could please someone offer some good single-word synonyms and a good dictionary-like definition for “agenda-driven”?

Thank you!


The Abyssinian cat is unlike the more mellow cat breeds. They have a lot of energy, can be mischievous, and often demand plenty of attention from their owners. Abyssinians are active, curious people-cats. They are also very loving, yet tend to be dominant over other animals in the household. The Abyssinian is a distinctively marked, busy, agenda-driven cat that will entertain you by the hour. It is inquisitive, affectionate and will enjoy just about any game. The first pairs of cats said to be of Abyssinian origin were brought to England in the 1800’s.

SOURCE: https://www.cat-health-detective.com/abyssinian-cat.html


It just means that the entity under discussion (a cat, or an Asia-Pacific trade working group)

  1. has some agenda
    that is, something it wants or intends to achieve
  2. is “driven” by that agenda
    so it is going to try to get or achieve this thing it wants, rather than being focused on pleasing others or other external motivations.

The meaning of agenda you want is the second listed by Merriam-Webster

an underlying often ideological plan or program

although probably not in the ideological sense, for cats.

Source : Link , Question Author : iLie , Answer Author : Useless

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