Am I using ‘thus’ correctly in this paragraph?

I’d like to confirm if the use of ‘thus’ is correct in the following passage. If it’s not, please explain why, and what an alternative would be.

I believe the most important mission of a healthcare provider is to
deliver the most effective and safe medical services to patients. Thus
it would be the basic principle that all the strategies and activities
of a healthcare provider should be patient centered.


Thus vs Therefore vs Hence

Thus and therefore can both work in some situations, but I believe therefore would be a more appropriate word for you in this particular context.

Thus means in this/that way – it relates to HOW – the manner in which – this or that happens or comes about. It has a practical flavour. eg. Burke knocked out Byrne, thus becoming champion (consequently)

Therefore means for this reason, or because of this or that – it relates to deductive reasoning, it tells WHY this or that is so, or happened. eg. i He was late and therefore missed the bus = he was late and for this reason missed the bus. ii Payment was received two weeks after it was due; therefore, you will be charged a late fee.

Hence means from this/that – it relates to WHERE – position, or point in time; it tells from where or what, or to where or what, something comes, derives, or goes. eg. He wrote to his sister, hence his pride.

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