AmE Phonetics: T-voicing after

Cut to the chase: While listening Eminem’s track Headlights I’ve noticed a kinda voicing process in the sentence “You’re still beautiful to me” around 1:13 on the song, where the preposition seems to be pronounced with a voiced sound.

Could somebody clarify the issue in phonetic terms?

You can listen to the record here


I agree with you completely. What’s written as ‘to’ becomes /dǝ/. Eminem is an aggressive performer, so it’s not surprising that a softer non-voiced aspirated /t/ becomes a voiced /d/. He’s just slurring through ‘beautiful’ into ‘to’, and rather than stop the flow of air as is necessitated in proper pronunciation of ‘stop’ sounds, he lets his voice continue.

In essence, he’s slurring sounds because it takes less energy. the long /oo/ becomes the schwa, and the more staccato t’ becomes d.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Source : Link , Question Author : GJC , Answer Author : Aidan Miles

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