An adjective describing the ability to be hidden

I am currently trying to find a single word which describes the ability of an object to be hidden.

A label that may be hidden –> a hideable / hidable / hidible label

Is there any word like that in the English language?

I found stashable, but it does not meet the requirement of consistency across all terms in a computer program code.

The programming language uses certain names for attributes like Visibility=”Hidden” (not Visibility=”Stashed”) and I want / need to name a generic type after this attribute.

Do you have any suggestions or do I have to invent a new term and use it in my code (most likely, very few people will see it and the English of those who might see it is even worse than mine).

The word I am looking for must be derived from to hide or it will not meet the requirement.


Concealable, according to Wikitionary:

Able to be concealed.

It’s also listed by Webster’s 1913 Dictionary.

With the restriction that the word is derived from the verb to hide, you could go with hidable, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:

capable of being hidden


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Source : Link , Question Author : deHaar , Answer Author : JJJ

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