An adjective for something that has been achieved with a lot of effort through years

I am looking for an adjective that describes something that has been achieved hardly after a lot of effort through years.

For instance, hardly-achieved experience OR hardly-gained knowledge.

Is there any specific word for that?

Edit: By hardly I meant through hard and laborious work. It’s not something rare. Anybody can achieve it, but only after a lot of hard work and effort through years.


I suggest hard-won, though this is not noticeably any better than hard-gained or hard-earned.

Note however that hardly should not be employed. Hardly usually means “just barely” or “almost not” rather than “with difficulty”. It is therefore conventional with participles to employ hard-, hyphenated, to express the meaning “with difficulty”.

Source : Link , Question Author : B Faley , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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