Antonym of the word “fault”

Consider the meaning of the word “fault” as used in the following sentence:

It is not your fault that the warehouse burned down.

What word could we use in the following sentence:

It is not your _____ that you won the lottery.

The closest I can think of is:

It is not to your credit that you won the lottery.

But this sentence doesn’t have exactly the same structure, because of the “to” before “your”.

Edit: Clarification following Jason Bassford’s comments:

              |  You are responsible  |  You are not responsible  |
Bad event:    |       your fault      |      not your fault       |
Good event:   |       your _____      |      not your _____       |


It is not your meed that you won the lottery.

It is not by your merit that you won the lottery.

Though archaic, meed fits because meed is deserved or earned reward. Something obtained through fortune rather than through deserving it is not one’s meed.


1 archaic : an earned reward or wage

2 : a fitting return or recompense

Oxford Dictionaries:

archaic : A person’s deserved share of praise, honour, etc.

If you don’t like using an archaism, try merit, which has similar meanings:


1b : the qualities or actions that constitute the basis of one’s deserts

Source : Link , Question Author : Museful , Answer Author : TaliesinMerlin

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