Any possible adj of encourage?

I would like to know an proper equivalent adjective of the verb called ‘encourage

For example: I am talking with my friend about a topic as follows:

Me: This topic makes me encourage for investigating a novel technique. Let’s delve into!

Him: Indeed, the topis is very [ encourageable | encouraging ].

Which adjective is correct to express about what the topic is?
Or Do you know any other words to express the meaning?


First, I think, as @akkatracker said, your “Me” sentence doesn’t make sense. I think the answer’s @JoeMcMahon might be the right sentence like:

Me: This topic encourages me to investigate a novel technique. Let's delve into it!  

Then, (because it’s really the topic of your issue) the first answer could to be “encouraging”.
However, to use other adjectives and be as near as possible to the verb “encourage” (vb transitive), you need to know exactly what does it means:

to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something).
to stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support.

In your case, you want to investigate a novel technique because this topic inspires you or it stimulates you to learn something. With the help of this topic, learning a novel technique doesn’t seem difficult, so you say “Let’s go! We will have fun to learn this”. And if “Him” has the same enthusiast than yours, he might say:

Him: Indeed, the topic is very inspiring.  


Him: Indeed, the topic is very stimulating.  

Also, you can say (roughly and in a good way:) “This topic pushes me to do this”, so you can use adjectives as: “exciting”, “inviting”, “inciting”, and “attractive”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hakan , Answer Author : Blo

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