Appropriate preposition to go with “concerned”

He is deeply concerned for vulnerable children.

Is this correct? Or is there a better preposition to use instead of for? What exactly does this phrase mean?

What about “He is deeply concerned with vulnerable children”?


There is a few variation to be used with to be concerned.

One can be concerned with something. This would have a meaning similar of to deal with

I am concerned with daily maintenance of our machines.

One can be concerned about something/someone. This would be the preposition which could be use in your case, but it would give it a meaning of caring about.

He is deeply concerned about vulnerable children

Of course, for seems to be used, although I rarely heard it (which is in no way an indication of the frequency it could be found), it is used.

EDIT: See Dan Ray’s answer for a use with the for preposition.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Wiles , Answer Author : Community

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