Are heteronyms unique to English and why do they exist?

Heteronyms are words with identical spelling and unique definition and pronunciations. For example, read (I have read that book; I will read that book), close (The door is close; I will close the door), attribute (I will attribute that to Jim; One of Jim’s attributes is stalwartness), etcetera.

Are they unique to the English language?

Why do we have heteronyms in our language?


We have many heteronyms in our language because English spelling is so illogical. Other languages do have heteronyms. For example, googling “French heteronyms” turns up the pair

des fils: /fil/ some thread,
un fils: /fis/ a son,

which only works because the French spelling of un fils is irregular.

Source : Link , Question Author : Malfist , Answer Author : Peter Shor

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