Are there any general terms that encompass a large number of things such as soil, sand, silt, clay, mud, and gravel?

My question is in the title, the below paragraph is the backstory for anyone interested. I just want to know if a general term that refers to any broad class of materials anything close to what is listed exists in English, or if not, in another language which I may borrow a word from. After all, English is kind of a language of loan words.

I’m working on some code to help me categorize items in various video games for efficient sorting and I’ve run into an issue. I need to put materials “from the ground”, or “natural blocks”, together into one category, and I want it to be divided into solid “stones”, and something else. What should I call these remainders, which are all more granulated sorts of naturally occurring ground materials generally?


I looked in Wikipedia’s Glossary of geology and found some words that might work:

Detritus is particles of rock derived from pre-existing rock through processes of weathering and erosion.
A fragment of detritus is called a clast or clastic rock.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stefan Lapointe , Answer Author : Kieran Jack Commanda

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