Are these three ‘stormy’ sentences synonyms?

Are ”there’s a storm coming” and ”there’s a storm approaching” a synonym of ”there’s a storm brewing”?

If they are, which one sounds more natural and you use frequently?


All the phrases (preferable 1st and 2nd) can be interchanged for colloquial usage, yet there are subtle differences.

  1. A storm coming means it is right about the happen. On your doorstep.
  2. A storm approaching to an extent can be understood as less urgent.
  3. A storm brewing implies it has not yet acquired its shape/intensity.

All of them are natural depending on the context. I am more of a laid back person so I prefer “a storm coming” (when I finally take note of it).

Source : Link , Question Author : Emma Styles , Answer Author : KillingTime

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