Are “worshiping” and “worshipping” interchangeable?

Every online source seems to agree with the preconceived notion I had that the correct usage is “worshipping” with two p’s, saying that “worshipping” is an exception to a rule about doubling the leading consonant when the preceding vowel is stressed. However, the spell-checker in my browser seems to think that the correct spelling is “worshiping”.

This leads me to believe this must be one of those interchangeable British/American things (e.g. “colour/color”). I can’t find anything about this on Google, as it just returns a bunch of articles about religion, failing to understand use-mention distinction.


The Ngram for ‘worshiping/worshipping’ (BrE) shows a strong favouring of the double ‘p’.

The same Ngram for AmE shows a 50/50 split.

Therefore, there must be some other influence than just a national preference.

I would suggest that it could be the influence of the Authorised Version where the double ‘p’ is used throughout :-

‘Worshipped’ – Jeremiah 8:2

‘Worshipping’ – Colossians 2:8

‘Worshipper’ – John 9:31

Source : Link , Question Author : Braden Best , Answer Author : Nigel J

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