“as many as” in the following context

I came across the following text and I’m not sure what’s the meaning of “as many as“:

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are rampant, and increasing as of
2013 with 1 in 26 adult Greenlandic citizen suffering from Gonorrhea,
300 times as many as in Denmark. Syfilis is also present. (source)

Does it mean that in this fact happens in Greenland 300 times more than in Denmark? If so, what’s the usage of “as many as” for, while this structure for compassion for equal things as far as I know. Isn’t it?


Yes you are right, though the text is poorly worded.

“as many as”, implies an integral countable quantity, but the context implies it is the rate (non-integral ratio) that is 300 times that of Denmark (one would hardly expect there to be 300 times the people in Greenland as Denmark). It is thus used incorrectly. “as much as” would be better.

Source : Link , Question Author : Virtuous Legend , Answer Author : Paul Childs

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