Australians and SR1

This Article in question.

Do Australians still use the Spelling Reform 1 (SR1) officially or unofficially?

It calls for the short /ɛ/ sound (as in bet) to always be spelt with E.

said→sed, jeopardy→jepardy, bury→bery, etc.


I live in Australia and I should know. No, it was never in wide usage, because I have lived here quite some time, and I have never seen it.

This simple spelling reform has been adopted widely by Australians.

Really? I think it’s because Wikipedia can be edited simply just by anyone, not too much credence should be placed on some of its articles. Personally, “adopted widely” is a “figment of imagination” to me, and I have never seen it, unless it was by someone illiterate.

The Australian Teachers’ Federation might have adopted this policy, but you can see by this link that they ceased to exist in 1987.

So, I hope that answers your question.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andrew , Answer Author : Kit Z. Fox

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