Austro-Hungarian or Austrian-Hungarian?

While reading on the Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Wikipedia:

Their goals, however, were no obstacle to economic cooperation with the Austrian-Hungarian authorities […]
This was done as the Austrian-Hungarian authorities had a plan to isolate Bosnia and Herzegovina from its neighbouring Slavic countries, Croatia and Serbia, and to halt the national aspirations of the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The demonym choice for Austria-Hungary piqued my curiosity. Is it correct to say Austrian-Hungarian or would Austro-Hungarian be more appropiate?


English usage prefers Austro-Hungarian (Empire). I suspect ‘Austrian-Hungarian’ is a direct transposition from the German Österreichisch-Ungarische (Monarchie) by someone unfamiliar with the English usage.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jaime Gallego , Answer Author : user175507

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