What is the collective term for “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” and “Yearly”?

I am developing a business application in which the user can select from one of these options, namely “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Yearly”, for scheduling appointments. I need to create a field in the database to hold this value, but am at a loss for what to name the field. What would be the collective … Read more

Which one is right “Think bad of someone” or “Think badly of someone”?

In my opinion, “Think badly of someone” is right. But when I was watching a Vietnamese film with English subtitles “Think bad of me” was used. Answer Certainly, think badly of is grammatical and idiomatic here. Macmillan has: think badly of someone PHRASE to have a bad opinion of someone or something Nobody will think … Read more

Is adding “let me know if anything is unclear” to an e-mail really necessary or is it redundant?

(Note that I originally asked this question on the English Language Stack Exchange and was told that it belonged here (Interpersonal Stack Exchange), so I removed it from the EL SE and manually moved it here.) I am a data scientist and I regularly receive e-mails from people (our office is split between London and … Read more

Will you grab – we’you grab

I was watching a film with subtitles, and the phrase: “Will you grab her blanket?” sounded like “We’you graber blanket”. I’m Ok with “graber”, but can we drop “l”-sound in “will you”? Answer In a comment, John Lawler wrote: Will you is virtually always contracted to /’wiyu/. In fact, will by itself is almost always … Read more

How many demonstrative pronouns are there really?

Are there only four demonstrative pronouns this, that, these, and those in English, or are there more like thik which is a variation of this and that? Answer “Hither, page, and stand by me         If thou know’st it, telling Yonder peasant, who is he?         Where and what his dwelling?” “Sire, he lives a good league … Read more