BBC, Playtime: Summer clothes, don’t understand certain parts from audio program

The radio program is here:

I don’t get the words in (…) included or doesn’t understand the meaning.
If anyone could fill the (…) or explain the sentence would be great.

And made pointed toes when mum put them on – 10:20 (explain please)
And his … wedling blue cape 10:25?
Bright yellow wheels, you could put it along? 11:10 (explain please)
Mum fished …. Her magic bag … ? 11:20
We don’t have a ….. said 11:28 kicking the …. ?
Look What I brought along for You, a …  for You Luke 11:38
I’ve got … for Boo and the ….  And the floating vest – 12:05 
He was ? with tiny white dots 12:15? 
And mum laughed, he got quite … ?12:20
D ……in the water ?12:28
And looked …. His nose and jumped in 12:30
To the fingers wrinkled like …. 13:00
Snap card? 13:30
And sucked her ….   13:48
Ice … beginning with b 13:55
… rubbish for a picninc 14:30 
And  the s … ? 14:40

Thank You


Open the BBC podcast link, right click and select ‘Save as..’. This will enable you to save the audio file as a download having an mp3 format. Once you’ve saved the podcast to your PC, go to the link that I gave you( and sign up for a 7 days free trial. Once you’ve provided your e-mail ID and signed up, you can use that free trial. You will be led to a page that will ask you to upload the saved audio file(the one that you downloaded) . After that, you simply need to click the play button and change the speed of the audio file as per your requirement(you can step it down to 0.5x) and comfortably start typing(in a separate section provided on the same page) simultaneously. Since the audio file is played very slowly, you can very easily figure out what is being said.
enter image description here

enter image description here

PS: I didn’t get enough space to post this suggestion in the comment section. My apologies for posting it as an answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : John , Answer Author : Aishwarya A R

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