Best grammar-checking software [closed]

What is the best grammar-checking software to check the grammar errors in novels and screenplays?

I heard about Grammarly and Whitesmoke but I’m not sure which is good.


Grammar checkers are usually pointless for EFL students because they don’t understand what you want to say in context. All they do is check for standard grammatical errors, what the programmers of the software believe are awkward sentences, and usages that are frequently disputed, e.g., using the passive voice instead of the active voice (there are good and bad reasons for using the passive voice, but MS Word’s grammar checker, for example, always (or never) flags the passive, so you already have to know why you used it and whether it’s necessary in context: MS Word won’t tell you).

I use MS Word’s grammar checker because sometimes I miss things that it picks up, e.g., subject-verb concord problems. Sometimes, however, that alert by MS Word’s grammar checker is an incorrect reading of the sentence. Still, it is helpful for me because I’m an editor and sometimes I make corrections in my head but not on the page.

I looked at White Smoke and found it no more helpful than MS Word’s grammar checker. Don’t waste your money. Read good English writing and learn how to use the language by example. If you have questions about grammar, ask someone who knows English grammar and knows how to write well. Then you can get an explanation of why one way of saying something is better than another in context.

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