Born – an adjective/verb/passive voice

I’m rather confused about that word – ‘Born

According to Cambridge it is a verb.

According to this Quora’s answer it is an adjective.

According to someone in ELL it is a verb in the passive voice.

Besides that, I’m not sure in which situations would we use these verb conjugations, as suggested here (Reverso):

a) Preterite – I borned

b) Present – I born

c) Present continuous – I am borning

d) Past participle – borned

Any further information about that word will be appreciated.


I think it helps to look at the etymology of born.

Old English boren, alternative past participle of beran (see bear
(v.)). “In modern use the connexion with bear is no longer felt; the
phrase to be born has become virtually an intr. verb” [OED].

So it’s origin is as a past participle, such as used in the passive voice, and that is strictly speaking the form it still has, but today when I say ‘I was born in London’ I don’t usely think of it in the sense of ‘my mother bore me’ or ‘I was born(e) in London by my mother’. That’s what the OED mean by”virtually an intransitive verb”.

On your other links: Cambridge talks of ‘to be born’ as the verb, which is ok. The Quora link says ‘it is used’ as an adjective. They mean it in the way a participle derived from a verb can be used as an adjective (e.g. I am tired).

As for the reverso link, it doesn’t look right to me at all. I’d almost speculate that it’s some kind of computer-generated table based on ‘to burn’.

Source : Link , Question Author : SunnySideDown , Answer Author : S Conroy

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