British English spelling: “gripped” or “gript”?

Hello what is the correct British English spelling of the word ‘gripped’ or ‘gript’?

According to

1. a past participle and simple past tense of grip.

verb (used without object), gripped or gript, gripping.

e.g. The boat now run ‘pon the top ov me; I was gript by the scruff ov the neck, and dragg’d into it.
Humours of Irish Life


In Australian English, which for the most part is similar to British English, I have never come across “gript”. “Gripped” is the only form of the word that I have ever come across. I suspect that the former is probably old English, and no longer in use, or looking at the usage example, possibly a “dialect spelling”.

Source : Link , Question Author : CORINNE , Answer Author : Paul Wagland

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