“By a certain route” vs. “via a certain route”

Which one is correct:

  • by a certain route
  • via a certain route

If “by a certain route” is beyond doubt, then when do we use “via”? I always thought that if we go along something (in this case, go along a route), then “via” is used (“via a route”).


I see both as semantically correct. Both are used, according to ngrams for by a certain route,via a certain route, the latter less commonly.

My own rationale for not using via and a together is that two ə sounds together sound odd or require extra effort to say. (However, Wiktionary shows the sounds as being different: /ˈviːə/, /ˈvaɪə/ vs. /ɑː/, /a/)

Source : Link , Question Author : YONG , Answer Author : James Waldby – jwpat7

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