Can a “feeling” be used as a synonym for an “emotion?”

When the context is clearly about the heart (not the body in general), are “feelings” the same as “emotions?”

The only use I really care about is like this:

It can help you if you are aware of the emotions [feelings] of joy,
peace, anger or sadness.

In above example, is it OK to use the term “feelings” to describe heart feelings that just happen in someone’s heart without further consideration?

I’ve read here that emotions and feelings are not the same:

Essentially emotions are physical and instinctive…You see a
lion, and you instantly get scared.

Feelings on the other hand play out in our heads… You see a
lion behind bars, and your feelings may range from curiosity to

In this case, feelings sound like emotions with an attitude, so more conscious.


That distinction you posted is reasonable, but not necessarily proscriptive. I think you could use feelings here. Think of it from this point of view; “emotion” is a foreign term, while “feel” is native Germanic English. Not too long ago, you would have been able to meet people who didn’t know the word “emotion”. It’s thus from a more educated stratum of the language. Before its widespread adoption, people would have used “feelings” alone.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jan , Answer Author : Ben McGah

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