Can an intrusive R appear within one word?

When the word ‘drawing’ is pronounced as /’drɔːrɪŋ/, is that R called intrusive? Is such pronunciation colloquial and unacceptable for formal address?


For people who use the term “intrusive r”, it refers to linking /r/ whenever it occurs in a context where the letter R isn’t written. It doesn’t make a difference whether it is between words (as in saw it) or within a word (as in drawing).

Asking whether “intrusive r” is “colloquial and unacceptable for formal address” is a separate question. Pronouncing “intrusive r”s was traditionally viewed as incorrect but its frequency in current non-rhotic Southern British English accents is high enough that it doesn’t make too much sense to call it “unacceptable” if you’re trying to describe actual usage.

Source : Link , Question Author : Artyom Lugovoy , Answer Author : herisson

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