Can I ask a practical question like this “how am I supposed to know something”

Lets say I am working on a project with 2 other people and there is some information that I need to work, so Can I ask like this:

Can you please tell me “How am I supposed to run this script?”.

instead of

Can you please tell me “How do I run this script?”.

What I am trying to ask is whether replacing do with supposed to makes the question rude?
Because usually it is used in a expression like this:

How am I supposed to know you don’t like something


I’m not quite sure why OP is asking, since he seems to know the answer anyway.

You don’t normally ask How am I supposed to do X? in a genuine spirit of enquiry, because it’s pretty much the direct equivalent of How do you expect me to do X?. These forms are invariably used in hostile/beligerent/uncooperative contexts.

OP’s How do/can I do X? is the “standard” form, but if you want to be a bit more deferential/polite, you can always ask How should I do X?

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