Can I say “I know where they were walking to”?

Can I say "I know where they were walking to"?

I’m aware that running ngram searches is not the best way to learn the grammatical correctness of a clause, but I was wondering why this particular sentence structure, particularly "where+subject+was walking to" gives incredibly few results, even after trying with different pronouns. It looks like it’s a strange clause to utter, but I’d like to know for certain, and of course why.


You probably get very few results, because the most common way of saying that would be:

I know where they were going.

Perhaps very few people have felt the need to specify "the manner of" going somewhere in such a sentence using verbs such as "walking", "driving", "crawling" etc.

I personally wouldn’t say a sentence like: "I know where they were walking to" even in my mother tongue. Would you say that in yours? If not, that might explain why you’re not getting a significant number of results in your searches.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fra , Answer Author : Mohsen from Iran

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