Can I use the word “grabbable”?

I intend to describe something possible to be held by hand.

I want to use the word in this fragment:

Flat 3-dimensions and grabbable 2-dimensions.

I’m trying to express in my paper that the dimension seems to be reversed because of the dominance of smartphones. Basically, a plane cannot be held by our hand. But because we have become so familiar with LCD monitors – even more than external reality – I think we understand virtual reality as ‘flat 3-dimension’ and reality as ‘grabbable plane’.

I’ve found words like ‘holdable’, ‘grippable’, ‘grabbable’ and ‘graspable’ but I’m not sure which one would be best.


I think you’re looking for “handheld”.


: designed to be used while being held in your hands

Merriam-Webster reference

Source : Link , Question Author : Yoo , Answer Author : Flater

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