Can I use words from other languages and write in English phrases?

I want to use some of the Persian words and want to write in in English Noun phrases like the following:

Majid Ketabkhane Management System

where Majid is an Arabic name and Ketabkhane is a Persian word meaning library.

So am I allowed to use this phrase in this form as trade mark for a software?


You can name your system anything you want; the real question here is, do you want your customers/userbase/readers to understand what you’re talking about from the name of the system? Because as it stands, no one will.

Majid Ketabkhane Management System

An English speaker is going to have no idea what that is. Okay, it’s a management system of some sort. But what does it do? I have no clue; I haven’t been given enough information to figure it out. So if I get an email about your system, or see an article about it on the web, I’m not going to be interested (unless the odd name jumps out at me and I click merely for the sake of curiosity.) More importantly, your target audience is presumably people interested in libraries, and they have no way of knowing that your system could be useful for them. So giving your system this name isn’t a practical attention-grabber.

Now let’s make one change and see what that does. Since you’ve told us that ketabkhane means library, let’s do this instead:

Majid Library Management System

This makes a world of difference in how your system name will be understood and received. I know so much more now; it’s not just an unknown "management system" of some sort; it’s a library management tool. It doesn’t matter what Majid means; I’m just going to assume that’s the name of the library management system (which is something I can understand). Consider these:

Majid Donut Shop

Majid Word Processor

Majid Smart Phone

In none of these cases does it matter to me what Majid means; if I know I’m dealing with a donut shop or a library management system, the name of it doesn’t matter much. So if you stick with Majid Library Management System you’re going to get the attention of people who work in libraries and who your system is presumably targeted at. And I think this would work out nicely!

Source : Link , Question Author : Majid , Answer Author : WendiKidd

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