Can the Oxford Comma be used with a list of adjectives of the same type?

I was wondering if a list of classifying adjectives of the same type could use the Oxford Comma.

For example: social, political, and economic problems is it a correct expression? I was checking a book and the expression they used is social, political and economic problems.

Another example: The tulips were yellow, orange and red. Can I use The tulips were yellow, orange, and red?

Does the Oxford Comma rule apply in those cases? Are they both valid?


Yeah, it’s fine.

The Oxford Comma: Hart’s Rules

Examples of the serial comma are:

  • mad, bad, and dangerous to know

There is some ambiguity in the case of your tulip example because it’s not clear whether each tulip had three colours or whether you had a mixture of single-coloured tulips, but I’m guessing that’s beside the point.

Source : Link , Question Author : omar , Answer Author : A E

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