Can the word “desk” be used as a verb?

I saw the word desk used, according to my thinking, as a verb in a sentence, and I was wondering if this usage is correct or if it was an error from the authors.

You can find the sentence here, at the end of the news section : ECML PKDD

5 June 2019
Today, we published the list of accepted papers. Out of more than 700 submissions we accepted 102 papers in the research track and 28 papers in the applied data science track. We desk rejected several papers for (self-)plagiarism and violation of the double submission policy (together with IJCAI and NeurIPS).


The expression appears to be from journalistic jargon:

Desk Rejected

… A desk reject means that the program chairs (or editors) reject a paper without consulting the reviewers. This is done for papers that fail to meet the submission requirements, and which hence cannot be accepted. Filtering out desk rejects in advance is common practice for both conferences and journals.


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