Can you link the [ʃ] sound and [s] sound?

How do you pronounce “English Speakers”? Do you treat sh and s as similar consonants?


As an American native English speaker, the adjacent “sh” and “s” are both pronounced and would be heard by those who grew up with English. Yes, the sounds are related, but that does not imply the sounds should be merged or one of them skipped. In fact, if one tried to merge them, the person might sound like they are slurring their words, possibly inebriated.

The sounds are distinctive enough to be key in a common tongue twister:

She sells seashells by the Seychelles seashore.

What makes it tricky to say is that one’s tongue desires to transform some of the lone “s” to “sh”.

Source : Link , Question Author : DamonL , Answer Author : RichF

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