can you use fully fledged for person?

I’m not sure if I’m asking the right question, but i need an adjective to describe myself in my resume.
I’m trying to tell that I have solid experience on my field but not just in a couple of topics, neither in a subject. I’m someone who have experienced any relevant subjects on my field. I feel like i can use “wholly” but at the end that doesn’t sound right.
What should I call myself?


full fledged OED

fig. fully developed or qualified; having the fullest set of
credentials or qualifying characteristics

As in:

2002 New Yorker 25 Nov.

He became, at the age of seventeen, a full-fledged crime reporter on
the New York Evening Graphic.

My sense is that a person can be fully fledged in the figurative as per the above definition.

Source : Link , Question Author : ozgur , Answer Author : lbf

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